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azienda poliform

The company

A global institution, between design and lifestyle

Poliform was established in 1970 as the evolution of an artisanal business founded in 1942. The company showed a strong industrial connotation from the start, wanting to take advantage of assembly and engineered production lines and meet the transformation of an ever-increasing global market.

Connection with innovation has always been Poliform’s distinctive mark, an in-depth talent in understanding the needs and tastes of a heterogeneous and international public, anticipating and interpreting today’s interior design trends. Poliform collections include furnishings systems and complements for every area in the home. In 1996 we acquired the historical Varenna brand, exclusively dedicated to the production of kitchens, which was officially rebranded Poliform in 2018, to show the definite willingness to represent a single and coherent corporate identity. The Contract division was established in the first years of the new millennium: Poliform is now one of the leading brands in the sector of large contract supplies.

The company

Poliform started a gradual process of globalization to better meet market needs, but kept its headquarters in the Brianza district, of which it has preserved the tradition and values. Today Poliform controls an international corporate asset consisting of 8 companies.

The company
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With the adoption of the ISO 9001 certification, Poliform Contract guarantees a solid structure, appraised by a third-party certifying body. The certification demonstrates the governance of all aspects of its business and guarantees the reproducibility of performances by working for the continuous improvement of quality standards.

Market presence

With its global presence, Poliform has developed an international network that spans from Italy to the rest of Europe, from the USA to Brazil, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia; it is present in 90 countries around the world with 400 authorized dealers, which include 180 single-brand stores.



Points of sale


Monobrand stores


Five macro production categories have been identified to classify our products. Poliform growth trend is shown by the increase in the number of pieces sold in almost all production categories compared to 2021.