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We are experiencing a season of great changes at global level. In 2022, specifically, we had to deal with some issues connected with energy and the cost of raw materials with a level of urgency.


We are facing a turning point which gives us the opportunity to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and safer energy system, an, in doing so, adjusting our industrial and economic goals to match climate and social goals. We have been committed to tackling energy challenges from a sustainable perspective for about ten years: in 2022, the photovoltaic systems installed on four of our company sites produced approximately 702.600 kWh of electricity, preventing the emission into the atmosphere of 173 tons CO2 equivalent.


Another cornerstone of our sustainability plan is represented by circular economy. This year we reaffirmed our commitment to maximizing waste recovery (with 94% waste directed to the recovery of material or production of energy), favoring, whenever possible, solutions for internal reclamation ( in 2022, approximately 2.000 tons of scrap wood were reclaimed to produce thermal energy for the company).


We put our employees first. We keep on being committed to a culture of listening: putting employees’ needs first is imperative for the company. We interpret the different needs of individuals and the community with a series of initiatives aimed at improving the standard of living inside and outside the company. We consider solidarity to be a fundamental value, accomplished by supporting important projects aimed at helping more vulnerable categories, together with local associations and nonprofit organizations.


Lastly, from an economic point of view, the continuous expansion on international markets confirmed our growth trend, generating a sales turnover of 235 million Euros in 2022, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year and of 45% compared to 2020.


These are just some of the goals we achieved in 2022: there are many more, and many more will be added. In our long history, we have faced every change with courage and determination, always aiming at continuous improvement, without ever forgetting our roots, our culture, and our community.


Enjoy the reading,

Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli e Giovanni Anzani

Poliform SPA Managing Directors