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The people

The people

A human company

Poliform has kept a constant level of growth in terms of turnover and personnel since its establishment, facilitating the reconciliation between private life and work and offering the possibility of taking advantage of dedicated agreements. 

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Poliform has kept a constant level of growth in terms of turnover and personnel since its establishment. The company workforce consists of 696 people (690 are directly employed and 6 have agency work contracts) the highest number since its foundation.

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Data show that the composition of the workforce is rather stable for what concerns gender percentages. There are 114 women, which translates in approximately 16% of total workforce. The presence of women is predominant in clerical jobs, where it reaches 86% of the total number of women and 41% of the total number of employees. The number of male employees is predominant (96%) in the activities connected with production.

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The following charts show Poliform’s employees divided according to age group, both in absolute value and in percentage. Approximately 55% of the workforce is in the 35–50-year-old group. It is to be noted that most of the work done in the company requires specific experience and a variety of technical skills.

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The employment of young people in the company is a strongly felt issue: in 2021 Poliform started a recruiting campaign mainly targeted at people under the age of 30. The following chart shows an increase in this sense: 28 young people were hired during the year, representing approximately 53% of total new hires.

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The following data show the trend of separations in the three-year period being reported. It is to be noted that 23 people (approximately 54% of the total number of employees who left the company) reached retirement age.

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The analysis of personnel turnover confirms the stability and the positive climate inside the company is generally low, with a slight increase in 2021, but well within the limits of expected company turnover.

The turnover offset rate was calculated based on data previously listed. This is useful to calculate the difference between new hirings and separations. To be noted that in 2021 the rate decreases due to the high number of separations.

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In terms of type of contract, the majority of employees has a permanent work contract, more than 94%, which represents a further guarantee for long-term employment and job security.

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The creation of jobs in local communities is measured by the percentage of local employees, that is, residents in the towns near Poliform’s factories and offices, out of the total workforce. The strong link with local communities is demonstrated by the company’s ability to create jobs in neighboring municipalities: approximately 95% of employees come from local communities. Not many employees work part-time schedules due to the nature of work, which requires a full-time presence in the company.


In 2020 Poliform was able to start a training program focused on safety and health issues, involving all employees in the company. This resulted in a considerable increase in the number of mandatory training hours. The same topics were covered again in 2021 for the induction of new employees.

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Together with mandatory training, Poliform carries out an annual analysis on the needs of every corporate function. The Human Resources department exchanges information with Function managers concerning training requirements and evaluates the possibility to activate the courses requested. The topics are diverse: from foreign languages to more specialized ones according to functions (graphic design, production planning, etc.)

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Poliform has therefore structured an internal department, staffed by two people, exclusively dedicated to training resources for customers, architects, interior designers or investors. The training courses, either in the form of webinars or visit to the company in its various locations, are custom designed to meet the needs of the interlocutors and cover various topics, such as products, processes, software, price lists, etc. Poliform plans to develop a portal dedicated to training which will be implemented in the near future.

Health and safety

The culture of health and safety is shared at all levels, thanks to the support of the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (in Italian RSPP, Responsabile del Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione) and it provides for the full involvement of the corporate organization, from company management to employees. In compliance with regulations, the company has developed a very specific assessment of the risks connected with the health and safety of workers. In addition to routine inspections and maintenance on productive plants, training courses on environmental and safety issues are organized on an annual basis to raise awareness among employees and supervisors.

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