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azienda poliform

The community

The community

The value of a local dimension

Poliform has made the enhancement of “made in Italy” and the territory its main strategic assets, recognizing the impact that its industrial activity has on the community, both in terms of social development and common economic wellbeing. The company, therefore, is always working to pursue high ethical and deontological standards.

Projects for the local community

One of the foundations of Poliform’s philosophy is the attention paid to the people, both as single individuals and as a community. In this perspective of social responsibility, the company has, over the years, implemented various initiatives for the benefit of its employees, young people, and the artistic and environmental heritage in which it operates.

Poliform also supports cultural development and research programs with publications and competitions and has been sponsoring sports initiatives and clubs.

The contributions to several foundations, associations and in general non-profit organizations which are active in humanitarian projects in Italy and abroad, are worth mentioning among the various philanthropic initiatives supported by Poliform. In this sense, significant is the support to the Comunità San Patrignano, to the Cancro Primo Aiuto non-profit organization and the Italian Amyloidosis Society and the Nostra Famiglia in Bosisio Parini. Poliform also supports the parishes connected with the company’s sites and other local associations.