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Dear Stakeholders

2021 marks an important milestone for Poliform with the publishing of our first Sustainability Report. Always committed to observing a business model based on corporate social ethics and responsibility, we decided to open a new, clear and transparent, communication channel.


The Sustainability Report is a document that summarizes what has been done to date thanks to the skills, sense of responsibility and dedication of the people who work for the company. The year closed with a business turnover of 205 million Euros, an increase of 28% compared to the previous year, and 16% compared to 2019. An extraordinary achievement, the outcome of the work done in previous years, which confirms the strength of the company and its continuous expansion in international markets.


We focused on three areas of interest, our pillars, which we defined as Human companyCircular economyMade in Italy.


Human company means that we put our people first, 696 individuals who found in Poliform a community which guarantees stability and safety.


Our approach to the environmental issue is best described with the concept of circular economy. In 2021 we invested in low impact productive plants and installed a new photovoltaic system, our fourth, to self-produce zero-emission renewable energy. Still in a perspective of circular economy, we focused on maximizing the recycle of waste and internally repurpose it by installing thermal energy and spent solvents recovery plants.


Made in Italy is the value connected to our territory, which has always been our strategical asset. In 2021, as is our custom, we implemented several activities in the community, aimed at safeguarding the environment and supporting culture, believing that, today more than ever, a socially responsible company must serve the community and the system in which it operates.

We are firmly committed to continuing along this path, with more and more challenging, shared and endorsed goals. Together, with all the people that with their work make Poliform what it is: a company made of people, an industrial excellence, which is not only a famous interior design brand, but an example in innovation worthy of trust.

Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli e Giovanni Anzani