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A monolith with stylized and geometric shapes in Piet Mondrian style to be freely interpreted, choosing from all the options offered by the mat and glossy lacquered colours. In high or low version, the sideboard Free can be equipped with optional accessories such as the cutlery holder and the bottle holder.

Ocra glossy lacquered Free sideboard. Wall System compositions in cenere oak and moka mat lacquered partitions. Onda pouf in removable velvet 1404 carbone. Carpet Stripes.
Ocra glossy lacquered Free sideboard with close up of the drawer inner accessories in spessart oak.
Muschio mat lacquered Free sideboard.
Close up of the extractable cutlery tray in spessart oak with shelf and front covered in hide 19 caffè.
Visone glossy lacquered Free sideboard.
Close up of the drawer with bottle holder in spessart oak.
Arena mat lacquered Free sideboard.

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