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Hotel Cala di Volpe

Hotel Cala di Volpe
Sardinia, Italy
W4BI & Associ s and Harrods Interior Design
Sardegna Resort S.r.l
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68 camere e 1 Harrods Suite

Cala di Volpe Bay is one of the best-known locations for luxury tourism in Sardinia. The hotel bearing the same name forms the heart of the bay. It is an institution on the Costa Smeralda, one of the first structures to be built in this style which later became typical of the area.




As part of the renovation of the hotel, Poliform Contract took care of the supply of furnishings for sixty-eight rooms and the restaurants, as well as the creation of customised elements for the public areas. The furniture pieces, made according to the architects’ design, required particular craftsmanship.

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