New Poliform|Varenna advertising campaign 2016


My life design stories. New interior images that describe private, exclusive ambience. They are an expression of an evolved dwelling reality.

Poliform|Varenna advertising campaign, which is now on Italian and foreign magazines and dailies, confirms a creative process now enriched with new elements. The new collections take the spotlight, as a result of a tight dialogue with international designers, an updated selection of the best surfaces and finishes, and a stylistic and technological research always in evolution. From the living area to the walk-in closets, from the bed area to the kitchens: scenes of refined interiors that are expression of a new dimension. The result of a journey that is born from a culture of all-Italian 'know-how' and perception, but that also takes into account a new dimension, the one in which we live in, increasingly global, increasingly influenced by a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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