Designers on stage 2016


Designers at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

A year of comparisons, investigations and ongoing fine-tuning, a "teamwork" between professionalism, skills and various complementary abilities: the Salone del Mobile in Milan represents the conclusion of a complex
and riveting adventure. An occasion to live with the stars of a project aimed at the pursuit of concrete solutions, of responses that are consistent with an ideal domestic model, in keeping with ever-novel requirements. Because the Poliform collection is the result of constant dialogue between different realities, of exceptional personas who share common values and objectives.”

"In the contemporary home, modernity and tradition are extremes that merge into one. Whether systems or interior design items, formal details or technical solutions, the more this balance is achieved, the more valuable the end result. "
Jean Marie Massaud
"Wood is a unique material: it allows very different shaped solutions to be created, yet they all inevitably address everyone's memories. The challenge lies in managing to take a step forward with proper proportions, while respecting tradition."
Emmanuel Gallina
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"The expressive strength of a product, whether a bed, a drawer chest or a chair, depends a lot on the whole, on the context in which it is placed. The uniqueness of Poliform stems from this particular prerequisite, and it is expressed in an overall consistency of its product offering."
Rodolfo Dordoni
"Everything began with a small armchair, now Mad is a collection of a various different interior design items, which team originality with harmony and consistent shapes. An unprecedented and winning reality in Poliform's offering."
Marcel Wanders
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"Sometimes it is extreme consistency, others striking simplicity, others still it is the contrast which defines the personality of an object. Trying to find a rule or a work method are pointless exercises: every project has its story, consisting of research, intuition and commitment."
Vincent Van Duysen